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    Timeline: Alt Right and Far Right Mobilization in 2018

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    For the Alt Right and others on the Far Right, 2018 was a period of intense activity.

  • White House Ties to Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Muslim Leaders

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    Tracking influence of xenophobic movements in the Trump administration

  • Losing their Religion

    Monopoly Mass Effect N7 Collector's Edition Licensed by Bioware by USAopoly

    An "Exvangelical" Roundtable Discussion

  • Book Review: Pure by Linda Kay Klein


    "Purity" became a movement, a theology, and soon after, a for-profit evangelical industry that exists to this day.

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Eyes Right Blog

Chess Book Encyclopedia of Chess Openings C Chess Informant ECO C Volume 5 Antique Dominoes in Original Wooden Box .

Technological tools to increase law enforcement’s surveillance capacity will be showcased at this year’s annual Read More

Mindflex Electronic Game Mattel Radica 2009 Complete Concentration Telekinesis How A Right-wing Network Mobilized Sheriffs’ Departments

Sheriffs are elected at the county level, and in most cases operate without any direct Read More

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced a new effort in May 2019 to expand the Read More

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A call to all progressives—regardless of gender—to embrace social justice feminist principles and leadership as a cornerstone of our resistance. Read More
This report offers an overview of the Alt Right’s history, ideology, and relationship with the Trump administration. function zbpShare(url) { Read More
Report by PRA senior fellow Frederick Clarkson details the strategy and agenda inside the Christian Right’s campaign to exempt not Read More
Warhammer Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Frigate 84-39